In 1890, French Impressionist artist, Claude Monet painted a series of haystacks in the fields of Giverney in France. Each painting was different because the movement of sunlight on the haystacks changed their colour at different times of the day. In May 2010, Artistic Director, Sheryl Fong created a small pointed Cupcake, her partner, an ex-art teacher, stated that it resembled Claude Monet’s Haystacks. It was from that moment the Mini Monet Cupcake was born.





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......... Our story however is that artist,  Claude was handed a range of our Mini Monet Cupcakes back in the 1890s and he enjoyed them so much; he decided to paint the flavours as he ate them in fields of Giverney.

Take a look at his 'Haystack' paintings and you will see the many Mini Monet Cupcakes he ate from early morning to sunset.

The story behind our 'Cupcake Impasto' ....An artist named Vincent was eating our larger, 'Cupcake Impasto'  at a night cafe after a few glasses of  Absinthe (an alcoholic beverage). As he held our Lemon flavoured 'Cupcake Impasto' up to the night sky, he saw exploding cupcakes on a Starry Night. Take a look a this painting and you will see our Lemon Cupcake exploding in the night sky... 


In 2017, we introduced our 'No Added Sugar' range of cakes to our Menu. In 2018, our customers asked us to make it Vegan as well. So we removed all dairy ingredients which included the butter and milk; then removed the eggs;  and now we have our 'No Added Sugar' Vegan Bricks for you to enjoy!

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